25 Funny Chocolate Pictures and Unusual chocolate sculpture ideas around the world

Funny Chocolate Pictures

Looking at these funny chocolate pictures, reminds us of the Hansel and Gretel fairytale. Remember the chocolate cottage and all you can eat chocolate buffet. Except for the wicked with who lived in there, it's one of the favorite fairy tales amongst kids. Chocolate making is a creative art for many bakers. During halloween chocolatier are busy creating weird and funny chocolates to suit the theme of the festival. Monster ghost heads, unusual objects are a big sell off during halloween festival. Some chocolatiers take one notch up by creating sculptures which are suitable for competitions. Unusual chocolate shoes, weird chicken chocolate feet are some of the highlights.

funny chocolate pictures

Funny chocolate porcupine platefunny chocolate porcupine plate Funny chocolate rabbitfunny chocolate rabbit Funny chocolate unicorn dropsfunny chocolate unicorn drops

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