20 Beautiful UFO Pictures and Interesting Facts - UFOs Do they exist?

UFO Pictures and Interesting Facts

UFOs are they real? We have grown up listening to various stories of UFO sightings and yet it's still debatable. Many say there are aliens living amongst us who came to earth on those UFOs. When we think of an UFO, the one thing that comes to our mind are large saucer shaped objects floating in the sky. Artists and graphic designers have come up with their version of unidentified flying objects.

ufo pictures and interesting facts

 For ardent UFO enthusiasts, the World UFO Day Organisation(WUFODO) celebrates World Ufo Day, so people can get together and watch the skies. We should appreciate all forms of life. Some people celebrate June 24th as the world UFO day since Kenneth Arnold reported a UFO sighting and others celebrate on July 2nd due to a supposed UFO crash in 1947.

Interesting Facts about UFO

  1. Many movies portray UFOs as a special vehicle for aliens. Well britannica came up with a simple answer, UFOs are unidentified flying objects which are undecipherable by the observers.
  2. In 1948, several UFO sightings were reported, following which the US  Air force launched 'Operation Sign'. Since this happened during World War 2, they could have been Soviet aircraft.
  3. The 'Operation Sign' led to the creation of Project Blue Book. Since 1948 and 1969 close to 12,000 UFO sightings have been reported.
  4. Did you know, World UFO Day is celebrated on 2nd July?
  5. In 2019, close to 200 UFO sightings have been reported in Arizona.
  6. Equatorial Guinea had flying saucers on their postage stamps in 1975.
  7. Fear of abduction of aliens is a popular insurance cover in America.


Ufo picture near bridgeufo picture near bridge Ufo picture light houseufo picture light house Ufo picture big sauce panufo picture big sauce pan Ufo picture landing lightsufo picture landing lights Ufo picture blue lightsufo picture blue lights Real ufo picture sky cloudreal ufo picture sky cloud Unidentified flying object planetunidentified flying object planet Unidentified flying object skyunidentified flying object sky Unidentified flying object xapping humanunidentified flying object xapping human Ufo photo riding skiesufo photo riding skies Ufo photo rejoice lightufo photo rejoice light Ufo photo landing saucerufo photo landing saucer Ufo photo red lightsufo photo red lights Ufo photo surrender womanufo photo surrender woman Ufo photo thunderstormufo photo thunderstorm Ufo picture landingufo picture landing Ufo picture zapping humanufo picture zapping human Ufo picture over fieldufo picture over field Ufo picture attackufo picture attack Ufo picture cowsufo picture cows

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