Lost In Sea - Beautiful Seaglass Photographs by Tidecharmers

Beautiful Seaglass Photos

We absolutely love the seaglass photos captured by the tidecharmers. Wandering around the beaches of California, picking up the sea glasses and stacking them in a certain way is very calming to the soul. The sun rays falling on these seaglass cast a mystical light which makes these photographs unique. Apart from photographs, tidecharmers have published book titled " Sea Glass Zen" which is available for purchase. They specialize in jewellery making, stationary(pens) and all of their precious seaglass gems are gathered from the various beaches in California. According to Tidecharmers,"You can either see yourself as a wave in the ocean or you can see yourself as the ocean". If you love the beaches or the sea, carry a part of the sea with you through these timeless trinkets created by the Tidecharmers.

beautiful seaglass photos

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