Funny Memes of Celebrities Representing Each month of 2020

The year 2020 is a depressing year for everyone around the world.  With pandemic going rounds and affecting the normal life,  people also do some lighter things to make it lively.  Reese Witherspoon created a format of square boxes for months from January to September to express her feelings undergone in each month and uploaded her photos with different moods of the month.  She calls it #2020 challenge and this challenge is accepted by many celebrities and they started sharing their moods of these nine months of 2020.  Celebrities like Kerry Washington to Mark Ruffalo and many Indian celebrities are accepting the challenge and posting their photos and let us scroll down to enjoy their moods.

funny memes of celebrities representing each month of 2020

Funny celebrity memes reese witherspoonfunny celebrity memes reese witherspoon Funny celebrity memes karl stefanovicfunny celebrity memes karl stefanovic Funny celebrity memes mark ruffalofunny celebrity memes mark ruffalo Funny celebrity memes madhuri dixitfunny celebrity memes madhuri dixit Funny celebrity memes kristin chenowethfunny celebrity memes kristin chenoweth Funny celebrity memes alyson hanniganfunny celebrity memes alyson hannigan Funny celebrity memes bon jovifunny celebrity memes bon jovi Funny celebrity memes mindly kalingfunny celebrity memes mindly kaling Funny celebrity memes viola davisfunny celebrity memes viola davis Funny celebrity memes zooey deschanelfunny celebrity memes zooey deschanel

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