Funny Chinese Videos

young chinese girl freaking the hell out of people walking into a building!
Young Chinese Girl Freaking the Hell Out of People Walking Into a Building!
funny chinese car accidents and fails
Funny Chinese car accidents and FAILs
mcdonald's funniest chinese commercial ad
McDonald's funniest Chinese commercial ad
honda commercial - chinese couple
Honda Commercial - Chinese Couple
funny asian commercial
funny Asian commercial
english in china (chinglish): funniest mistakes in the world
English in China (Chinglish): Funniest Mistakes in the World
funny chinese signs
Funny Chinese Signs
funny chinese bananna commercial
Funny chinese bananna commercial
funny chinese kung-fu fighting
Funny Chinese Kung-Fu fighting
a very funny chinese website commercial :-p
A very funny Chinese website commercial :-P
kfc chinese commercial - funny
KFC Chinese Commercial - Funny
nike china commercial
nike china commercial
funny chinese ad
funny chinese ad
hilarious 7up chinese commercial—tragedy guy!
Hilarious 7UP Chinese Commercial—Tragedy Guy!
new 2006 jackie chan's pepsi commercial
New 2006 Jackie Chan's Pepsi Commercial
coca cola chinese commercial
Coca Cola Chinese Commercial
funny chinese commercial
funny chinese commercial
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