30 Funny Blouse Designs where the designers ideas turned out crazy

A blouse is typically gathered at the waist or hips by belt, pleats, and pins so that it hangs above the wearer's body. Blouses usually consist of light materials such as thin cotton fabrics or silks or velvets or softly falling synthetic fibers (example: polyester), etc. Many varieties of blouses are available, and the blouses are designing according to people's choices or people's celebrations. Blouses are shaping more creatively with trendy, classic, funny, with or without the sleeve or collar. Nowadays, there are instances where designers experiment with new fashion. At times these experiments may go wrong and take up a funny shape. Here are some of the interesting images of the blouse designs that turned out crazy beyond expectations.

30 funny blouse designs where the designers ideas turned out crazy

Crazy blouse design gold patchescrazy blouse design gold patches Funniest blouse design tasslesfunniest blouse design tassles Crazy blouse designcrazy blouse design Funniest blouse designfunniest blouse design Funny blouse design grey bow strapfunny blouse design grey bow strap Funny blouse design white beads layerfunny blouse design white beads layer Funny blouse design white layer partyfunny blouse design white layer party Funny blouse design white leaffunny blouse design white leaf Crazy blouse designcrazy blouse design Crazy blouse designcrazy blouse design

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