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couple photography

In our relationships it’s not too uncommon to borrow a t-shirt, some socks or a warm hat from a lover… but what about entirely switching outfits? This entertaining and thought provoking series by Canadian photographer Hana Pesut does just that, encouraging couples to completely exchange their clothing with each other. The resulting diptychs are sometimes funny, while also having the effect of making one re-analyze both their views on fashion and on sexual identity.
How interesting is it, for example, that many of the women look completely at home in their male counterparts clothing, while the men often look ridiculous by societies standards? One could conclude that while we have come a long way in accepting many forms of stylistic expression from woman, men often have much stricter social norms to follow when it comes to fashion.
Hana is a self-taught photographer raised in Whistler and currently residing in Vancouver, Canada. She says her main focus in photography is “the ‘little moments’ that people sometimes miss and later wish they had captured,” while also hoping to inspire more people to take photographs in their everyday life. You can see more of her work, including additional images in this series, on her website sincerelyhana.com.

couple photography

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