20 Beautiful Pigeon Pictures and know the Amazing Facts about Pigeon

Beautiful Pigeon Pictures

Pigeons, one of the most commonly found birds are not much appreciated for their capability, but the fact actually differs.  Popular game related to pigeon is pigeon racing and we know they have the intelligence to fly back to their destination using earth's magnetic fields and sun's position. Apart from this ability the pigeons are capable of counting numbers, discriminate words and of course undergo a mirror test. Pigeons are highly sociable, they are often seen in a group of 20 to 30 birds. They have an excellent hearing ability and are capable of hearing distant storms and volcanoes. The existence of pigeons can be dated back to Mesopotomia around 3000 B.C. Pigeons can fly upto an altitude of 6000 feet at a speed of 77.6mph. Many a times, a not so smart person may be called bird brained but henceforth that shouldn't be done so, for they are far more brainy than humans. Here are a few amazingly beautiful pictures of pigeons for you to enjoy.

beautiful pigeon pictures

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