20 Most Beautiful and Unique Bird Pictures from around the world

Bird Pictures

Birds are a sweet fascination for human beings to watch and destress themselves.  Nature has innumerable varieties of birds which enchant us with their melodious songs and their vibrant colours.  It is said that about 9000 to 10,000 species of birds are identified by ornithologists and scientists throughout the world.  When we start observing the birds closely we can identify their shapes, colours and varieties.  The soft feathers, different curves of beaks, variety of hues, all reveal the greatest gift of nature bestowed on birds and undoubtedly becomes the most beautiful creation on earth.  Let us scroll down to see few of the unique and most beautiful bird species around the world.

bird pictures

Colourful bird picture painted buntingcolourful bird picture painted bunting Amazing bird image harpy eagleamazing bird image harpy eagle Amazing bird picture blue crowned pigeonamazing bird picture blue crowned pigeon Amazing bird picture secretary birdamazing bird picture secretary bird Unusual bird image curly perm pigeonunusual bird image curly perm pigeon Colourful bird photo grandalacolourful bird photo grandala Beautiful bird image inca ternbeautiful bird image inca tern Unique bird photo long tailed titunique bird photo long tailed tit Beautiful bird image strawberry finchbeautiful bird image strawberry finch Unique bird image south phillipine dwarf kingfisherunique bird image south phillipine dwarf kingfisher Unique bird picture south phillipine nicobar pigeonunique bird picture south phillipine nicobar pigeon Colourful bird picture tilhicolourful bird picture tilhi Unique bird image golden peasantunique bird image golden peasant Colourful bird picture rufous crested coquettecolourful bird picture rufous crested coquette Unique bird image cock rockunique bird image cock rock Unique bird photo lady amherst pheasantunique bird photo lady amherst pheasant Beautiful flying bird picture taiwan blue magpiebeautiful flying bird picture taiwan blue magpie Beautiful bird picture black throated bushtitbeautiful bird picture black throated bushtit Unique bird photo bearded reedlingunique bird photo bearded reedling Unique bird photo malasian frogmouthunique bird photo malasian frogmouth

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